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Home solutions

Our Solar Home Backup solutions for Power, Hot Water and Plug & Play Electric Power Systems designed to supply electricity & hot water to remote homes.

With years of experience, we can customise any system to meet your specific needs. We can customise any system to meet your specific needs. Please email us or call us at if you have any questions prior to purchase. Three options are:

1. Charge with main power
2. Charge with Generator
3. Independent Power

A small simple system can operate single appliances. Our team of engineer is ready to install a system at your home or office. All you need to do is make the call. We will automatically provide instant backup electricity from a battery bank when power from your utility company unexpectedly shuts down. You may even combine a Trace inverter system with a generator for protection against longer power outages.

A generator only has to run for short periods during longer outages to recharge the battery bank. You can have reliable,instantaneous power protection from outages of any length. To prepare your home or office for power outages, Trace dealers offer everything you need including inverter/ charger systems, storage batteries, recharging sources,installation service and more

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