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Medical Solutions

Solar powered solutions and refrigeration plays a vital role in the storage and distribution of vital vaccines in the most remote areas of the world. Recently more solar refrigerators have been used for the storage of blood..

The refrigeration technology used in solar applications is basically the same as that used in domestic systems. Some specialist components are employed such as dc powered motors but the rest of the refrigeration circuit utilises standard components making repair easy and accessible.

Solar refrigerators are much better insulated than conventional refrigerators and contain a number of design details that save energy and set them aside from their domestic counterparts.

medicine Solar technology is used to generate electricity which is fed via a state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled charge regulator into a specially made battery bank. The battery bank is charged up during daylight hours storing the energy generated and provides 24hr electricity to the refrigerator.

Vaccine refrigerator systems are designed to stringent World Health Organisation standards ensuring non-stop operation.


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