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Rural Electrification

Rural electrification is the simplest way to guarantee electricity to people living in rural areas. Solar Energy is modern technology that could light up your home today. It is quiet, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and free! By installing a solar system, you help save the enviroment. Homeowner for the first time in years is able to plug her refrigerator, conserve food for many days and enjoy electricity.

Our modules deliver top-quality performance for all photovoltaic applications including rural electrification, water pumping, telemetry, communications, and general battery charging. Ideal for AC and DC installations, SunWize OEM modules can be used in single module and multiple-module systems. Each module consists of 36 solar cells connected in series providing maximum charging power.

Each system is unique and designed to the exacting requirements of our clients. In some island locations we significantly reduce or avoid fossil fuel use. The reefs and environment associated with many islands can be particularly susceptible to fuel spills.

Applications include lighting, refrigeration, security, air conditioning as well as industrial and commercial fishing applications.

Rural ElectricTrinity solar provides robust remote power systems that meet or exceed stringent military specifications.
"When electricity becomes available and the Village Solar Charger is not needed any more, it can be moved to another village and used there," Malmodin says.

Nina Lövehagen, a senior research engineer at Ericsson Research specializing in support and communication, got involved in the work when it was decided that the Village Solar Charger would be part of the Millennium Villages project.

"We quickly produced a few units of the Village Solar Charger, and now 12 of them have been shipped to the African Millennium Villages," she says. The Village Solar Charger is on display in the Green Corridor, part of the Customer Experience Center in Kista, Stockholm, where Ericsson showcases its environmental initiatives for customers.


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